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Shining A Light With Firefly

FireFly Pumps, a Kolhapur based brand that is globally known for its fire fighting pumps, is driven to shed light on issues that are otherwise ignored.

Awards Earned over the years
DOD Awards, 2020

Best UX Website

DOD Awards, 2020

Best UX Website

DOD Awards, 2020

Best UX Website


Creating a bang, Where bangs are created

The brand wanted to take the audience behind the scenes, for a glimpse into the factories that produce our firecrackers during Diwali.


Giving Voice to the Silent Screams

Every year, more than a hundred thousand children are forced to labour in firecracker factories. The work conditions they are offered pose a risk to their well-being, lives, and ambitions.


Meet the Makers

A heart wrenching film introduces us to two children, who have their own passion and vision, but are stuck in one of these factories. The protagonists answer questions about their dreams, while an indifferent narrative, questions their dreams. As the film unravels, the fate of these children is left unambiguous to all. The film asks the viewers a simple question, whether the cost of these crackers, justifies the value of their dreams?

Sparking Compassion

The campaign reached millions through the film, a mock website, PR and organic conversations through comments. The increase in traffic on the website brought hope that these little dreams could now see a real future.