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One to 11

One to 11

Levelling up the web experience for OneTo11

One to 11 is India's first and fastest-growing decentralised social networking, online betting and fantasy Play-to-Earn gaming platform on the blockchain - with over 2.2 million users!


Building an engaging educational realm for online gamers

To communicate the various aspects of the services provided, to educate users in the potential of online gaming, to promote the Play-to-Earn concept and expand the metaverse and GameFi user base in tier-2 and tier-3 cities.


Simplifying the user quest with a futuristic design approach

To create an intuitive, interactive, and impactful ecosystem for gamers, we provided a seamless website experience.
It focused on educating new users through simple and straightforward infographics, in addition to redesigning a smooth user journey.


Created a camping spot for new & existing users

Delivered a cohesive and well-structured website with relevant information and an intuitive design. The ‘Futuristic’ design attracted new users and kept existing users more engaged on the platform.