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Employing intelligent UX to help Taggd excel at digital recruitment

Taggd is a digital recruitment platform that provides ready-to-hire talent to India Inc., combining the power of human knowledge with AI-driven solutions.


Re-envisioning the platform for the future of work

Taggd aimed to build a hybrid platform that would be a legitimate source of information as well as an entry portal for all users. To highlight its transformative human-AI collaboration in the recruitment process, efficient UI/UX fueled by design thinking was needed.


Revolutionizing recruitment through design thinking

A website enabling an entry point for candidates and a talent pool for acquisition was built from scratch. We developed portals to cater to diverse user search queries and ensured that every stage of the UX process reflects a broad range of solutions.
To streamline the flow of information within the portals, all steps in the UI process were carried out. A dynamic front end and a multi-dynamic format with downloadable reports were created.


Making a worthwhile difference in the hiring scenario OR Today’s tight job market made easy-to-navigate

The website coherently bridged the gap between information and people. Easy-to-navigate portals and the platform’s capability to float multiple types of data led to increased user engagement. It became an active entry point for users, increasing awareness and improving SEO as well as domain visibility. In terms of candidates and business perspectives, the website successfully piqued the interest of new users.