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This book is dedicated to all Minimals who have worked closely with Chirag and Sahil ever since TM's inception to produce the content that has won millions of hearts.

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In a world full of clutter, thought-provoking design can become a key point of differentiation.

In Think Like The Minimalist, Chirag Gander and Sahil Vaidya introduce their unique philosophy of Minimalist thinking that has taken the world of creativity by storm. With a simple four-step process and well-defined techniques from the Minimalist toolkit, this book provides actionable insights that marketers, brand managers, and design leaders can leverage to produce inventive ideas. This is an essential read for students, practitioners, and leaders who are eager to succeed in the world of creativity.

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Sahil Vaidya

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Learnt to convey big ideas in a minimal way.


UI/UX Strategist & Designer

A piece of sheer brilliance, for all generations.


Design & AI Enthusiast

Everyone would love to be a Minimalist!

Don't we all strive to achieve more by doing less? Atleast I do...and that's why I was always in awe of what the Minimalist team used to come up with and used to think to myself, "why couldn't I think of this one ever?"....

Akash Varma

Reviewed in India on 16 June 2022

A peek into the Minimalism philosophy

The book gives insights into the philosophy of minimalism, which the authors have used in building their business. It has thought provoking examples on how to convey the underlying message in a witty manner...


Reviewed in India on 25 June 2022