Quor Group

AR innovation in commodity
trading event

Enhancing visibility, user engagement, and brand communication for Quor Group during the international commodity trading week in Singapore.


Quor Group is a leader in commodity trading and offers best CTRM software products

A deep understanding of the trade lifecycle is what makes Quor Group unique.

Objective & Goal

Creating a High-Impact, App-Free AR experience for event attendees

Developing a creative promotional solution to engage maximum participants through Web-AR innovation during the commodity trading week in Singapore.


Room for innovation in commodity trading events

Our research delved into the seamless integration of Web-Based Augmented Reality (AR) within the realm of commodity trading events. The approach centered on user-centric design, short attention span, and crafting a compelling script for the 3D character. The narrative emphasized Quor Group's 35-year legacy and software process, delivering a succinct message.

Crafting the augmented world

Modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and integration using unity

Seamlessly merging the digital and physical worlds, enhancing our perception.

how we made it work

Easy to navigate Augmented Reality experience, just a scan away

A user has to read and follow the instructions, on how to correctly scan the brochure.

The AR experience comes to life after the user has scanned the brochure.

familiar face

A Strategic move to enhance user engagement

After the user scans the brochure, a 3D character appears on top of the it which is a surprising and a familiar personality.

The familiar face cultivates trust and authenticity, immediately connecting with the audience.

The choice to design our 3D character in the likeness of the Chief Business Architect (CBA) was a deliberate strategy to amplify user involvement and interaction.

3D characterization

Chief Business Architect’s face and voice for the experience

By incorporating Quor’s Chief Business Architect’s face and voice, the Augmented Reality (AR) experience not only became more engaging but also aligned seamlessly with the company’s brand, creating a approachable connection with event attendees.

Scan to experience

A Web-AR avatar elevating event engagement and product knowledge

With event-goers’ short attention spans in mind, our main goal was to convey essential information within 20 seconds. Achieving this, we directed attention to three crucial buttons — linking to Quor Group’s website, brochures in PDF format, and the contact page.

Results & Impact

Seamless event engagement:
Web-AR solution

A Web-AR project, independent of any app requirements, takes the lead as the optimal AR solution for event promotion. This simple yet widely accessible Web-AR solution for events and exhibitions efficiently guides and draws attendees towards their desired company’s contact us page.