ShapeShift: The Web3 Game Changing Paradigm in Fitness

Fitness in Gaming

Understanding the concept of Move-To-Earn in the Web 3.0 space is crucial to grasp the paradigm shift that game mechanics are bringing to the fitness world.

The Objective

This combination of fitness and gamification is commonly known as “FitFi” and is a great way to incentivize and motivate users to lead healthier, more active lives.

Exploratory Research

  • Move-to-earn cryptocurrency programs use GPS, step counters, and other sensors on the user’s mobile device to track their activity and automatically reward them for being active. 
  • These tokens obtained through Move-to-Earn can be used within the game world or converted to crypto or fiat money. 
  • This promotes a more active lifestyle and has several potential uses in the future for Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, promoting the continued development of metaverse and blockchain technology.

When Web 3.0 Meets Gamified Fitness

Fitness gamification has already proven to be a good advancement. When fitness and games combine, there is more motivation, interest, and a sense of accomplishment. 

Wearables and tracking devices are used to measure progress, and meeting objectives and milestones are frequently used to implement gamified fitness.

Correlational Research

Impact of Pandemic on Fitness

  • The pandemic had a significant impact on the fitness industry, with gyms shutting down, an increase in virtual fitness sessions and coaches, and a growing emphasis on personal health.
  • As a result, businesses have been pushed to build up an online presence and look for fresh methods to engage with customers.

The Problem Statement

  • A growing number of sedentary lifestyles harm mental and physical health. 
  • Many games in the market encourage fitness but are not fully immersive enough to engage users. 
  • With the rise of Web3, people are interested in socializing and interacting.

User Personas

The Solution

  • The ShapeShift game is a Web3 game that burns in real life and earns in the virtual world.
  • The game merges both worlds to give a truly immersive experience and builds healthy habits while doing so. 
  • It is accessible to all age groups and fitness levels and is designed to attract millennials and GenZ users. 
  • Users can earn tokens and monetize them in fiat money. 
  • The game is also designed to build a community and reach global fitness coaches. 
  • It is connected to a wearable to track daily steps, calories, and other data.

Users create their account

Users create their avatars and connect with the wearables

Then you need to sync the mobile game to the wearable


Leader Board



The Conclusion

The game’s Move-to-Earn mechanics, gamification, and community building are changing the paradigm in the world of fitness. The game combines the latest technology with healthy living, and as a result, it is a great way to promote an active lifestyle and encourage people to prioritize their health.

Meta Luxe: Experience Luxury the Avant-Garde Way!

The Hackathon by The Minimalist brought forward some fascinating ideas for a luxury fashion brand.

The Concept

Team “The Luxe Legion” presented the concept of Meta Luxe. This concept addresses the challenge of online luxury retail, where customers cannot experience the product and get validation before purchasing it.


Meta Luxe aims to enhance the luxury shopping experience by providing an immersive, personalised, and exclusive experience through extended reality.

Problem Statement

The brand focuses on enhancing its luxury experience by embracing the principles of slow commerce, where attention shifts to the finer details of craftsmanship, heritage, tranquillity, and value of the experience. However, the biggest drawback of online retail therapy is the inability to experience the product in real life. Hence, the objective of Meta Luxe is to make the shopping experience more engaging and personalised, thus increasing conversions and sales for the brand and increasing its social media reach.

The Market

Meta Luxe caters to four major user groups:
  • Connoisseurs
  • Experientialists
  • Aesthetes
  • Aspirers
The team chose the groups that constitute the majority of sales – the Experientialists and the Aesthetes.
  • These are 25-40-year-olds from tier 1 and 2 cities
  • The HENRYs (High Earners, Not Rich Yet)
  • The rise of women consumers
  • The growth of luxury spending in tier 2 and 3 cities form an emerging consumer base

The Challenge

The team’s solution to the challenge is to create a metaverse that customers can enter through an invitation to experience luxury shopping in a unique and personalised way.

User Flow

A golden ticket allows users access to the Metaverse

A user can choose an avatar or create one

In the main lobby, users can choose between the store or fashion walk

When a user enters the store, the help desk determines the purpose of their visit

Selecting ‘something specific’ opens the following dialog box

Selecting ‘explore myself’ the user gets to opt for a stylist

Users have a variety of options when choosing a stylist

By hovering over the stylist’s name, the user can view the cost packages and continue browsing the section

Based on the user’s style & preferences, the stylist would recommend options

The longer the user browses, the more options are suggested by the AI stylist

Once the user accepts the style they proceed to the trial room, where the stylist converses about how it suits them

If the user is satisfied with the look, they can proceed to the ramp and flaunt their look

During the ramp walk, other users can appreciate the look and the main user can share the look with others to purchase

This is how other users will see when the main user is on the ramp walk

The main user lands on the cart section where they have to proceed to checkout and can browse through other accessories like a perfume

The scent of the perfume will be presented visually for an immersive experience

They can browse through the list of suggested perfumes to complete their look

If the user chooses a perfume, it will be added to their cart and then they can make the purchase and check out

The user is directed to the main Luxe lobby where they can go to the profile and look at the options to dress their avatar and share it with their friends on social media

The Conclusion

The Meta Luxe provides an inventive and personalised solution to enhance the luxury shopping experience. By creating a metaverse, The brand can increase conversions and sales while providing customers with an immersive and unique experience.