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Delivering a seamless Order Management System to Almarai

Almarai is a Saudi-based multinational company that specialises in food and beverage manufacturing and distribution. It’s operational in all six GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries.


Growing the pie by reducing dependency on delivery agents

To reduce route-to-market costs and reach a larger customer base, Almarai had to lessen its dependence on delivery agents. This required creating a channel that would streamline communication, ordering, and tracking to increase transparency between Almarai and its customers.


Serving customers through an easy, bilingual interface

A mobile-first experience that translates seamlessly to desktops was created by following brand guidelines to the T. The interactions were kept simple and easy to use for all audiences, tech-savvy or not.

Bilingual Design

The screens were designed in English and Arabic, providing a comprehensive and impactful user experience.


A digital-transformation based recipe for success

The adoption of a design-centric digital transformation empowered Almarai with efficient ordering and tracking systems that operate seamlessly through its platform. This has resulted in easy access to valuable data and increased sales figures through effective upselling opportunities.