Tata AIG

Securing the future by simplifying insurance with Tata AIG

A comprehensive platform for users to explore and purchase various insurance solutions, including health insurance, motor insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and more.


TATA AIG is a platform where users purchase personalised insurance policies with ease

India’s first fastest growing general insurance company, a joint venture between TATA Group and American International Group (AIG).

Objective & Goal

Delivering a user smooth experience while keeping the payment first approach

  • Strategizing to Minimize User Attrition and Optimize Retention Rates.
  • Reduce time and optimizing user journey.
  • Revitalizing the Website with a Contemporary and Refreshed Design.

Contemporary and Refreshed Design

Navigating towards success is shaped by thorough user research

Our team delved into a detailed analysis of the age group spanning from 18 to 65. This comprehensive examination aimed to gain valuable insights into the diverse needs and preferences of users within this demographic range.

Effective Strategies

Applying the winning combination for conversions

To broaden our reach to a larger audience, we adopted a mobile-first approach and introduced a payment-first route to enhance customer retention and reduce drop-offs. Additionally, we streamlined the process by incorporating third-party integrations and simplifying the navigation to aid in decision-making. This helped minimise the need for excessive form-filling that was detrimental for conversions.

Seamless web navigation

Information architecture

The platform encompasses multiple user journeys, where users arrive to fulfill various tasks. A seamless and intuitive navigation system ensures users can easily navigate through the platform, facilitating a straightforward payment process.

Design Process

Efficiently enhancing user satisfaction, usability, and effectiveness in system or content engagement

The user-centric and intuitive design effectively decreased drop-off rates and boosted conversions, demonstrating a positive influence on the overall user experience and facilitating smoother completion of desired actions.

User Interface design (UI) Design

TATA AIG wanted to create a website that was both beautiful and easy to use, so they focused on a blend of modern design and intuitive navigation

Neumorphism, a 2020 UI design trend, introduces a subtle 3D effect on flat elements through soft shadows and gradients. It blends minimalism's clean lines with realistic material textures, creating a modern and user-friendly aesthetic.

artistry in pixels

Introducing Neomorphism into the design style

Neumorphism proves to be an ideal choice for Tata AIG, as its visual styling and color palette contribute to a gentle aesthetic, fostering a serene atmosphere and elevating the overall user experience. This design approach aligns seamlessly with our goal of projecting reliability, trustworthiness, and loyalty. Furthermore, opting for neumorphism allows our website to stand out from competitors' platforms that predominantly employ flat UI designs. This distinctive visual appeal enhances our brand identity and reinforces the unique character of the Tata AIG online presence.

Rough to be redefined

Crafting seamless UI from raw conceptual wireframes

Initial UI drawings, before moving on to more complex stages, make use of these initial UI sketches to quickly explore and iterate concepts, allowing a clearer visualisation of the UI structure. These function as visual aids, delineating the structure, components, and user interface interactions of the digital interface.


Creating TATA AIG’s design system with a focus on consistency, innovation, and user-centric digital excellence

TATA AIG’s design system serves as the visual DNA, fostering harmonious aesthetics across all their websites. This standardized approach not only streamlines workflows but also propels TATA AIG’s online presence to unprecedented levels of excellence. To provoke the intended emotions & get the desired responses from the users, we experimented with vibrancy. 

hassle-free user journey

Ensuring intuitive, seamless coverage by designing the UI to simplify insurance service identification

With the toggle of the button we can now view the different offerings based on the specific category from the landing banner hence optimising the journey and we showcase upfront all the services TATA provide.

Highlighting featured products

Showcasing TATA AIG’s featured insurance products through a visually captivating and informative card design

With our commitment to accessibility, personalisation, and data visualisation we used iconography to showcase the variety of insurance offered by TATA AIG. So it is evident in its design choices, fostering a positive and engaging user experience.

Challenges while Developing

Establishing a platform that is versatile and adaptable

Usability testing is crucial, offering invaluable feedback. This project underscored the significance of efficiency in logistics, emphasizing the need for streamlined interactions and features to enhance factory processes.


Seamlessly integrate user-centric design principles with visually captivating product displays

Through the application of our user-centric design approach and aesthetics, we identified and addressed potential on-screen challenges for users. Neomorphic design contributes to a positive and enjoyable user experience. The soft, realistic visuals can evoke a sense of familiarity, making users feel more comfortable and at ease while interacting with the interface. Reduction of manual interventions further contributed to efficiency and effective buying process.

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