Building a scalable insurance buying platform for agents

A dedicated platform designed for TATA AIG agents, enabling them to effortlessly generate new policies for customers and efficiently manage record-keeping, along with a seamless renewal of policies.


TATA AIG BOLT is a platform where agents can perform their day-to-day tasks with ease

India’s fastest-growing general insurance company, a joint venture between TATA Group and American International Group (AIG).

Objective & Goal

Providing an exceptionally seamless experience while ensuring optimal flexibility and scalability

  • Reduce time and optimizing user journey.
  • Reducing tedious form fill up process.
  • Reducing design implantations for future additions.

Gaining User Insights

Thorough user research is crucial for success

Our team delved into a detailed analysis of the user base which was mostly agents divided into 3 categories: high-yielding associates, medium-yielding, and low-yielding. This thorough examination sought valuable insights into diverse user needs and preferences in this demographic.

Effective Strategies

Executing optimal UX strategies for a seamless user experience

This phrase emphasizes the action of putting into practice high-quality User Experience (UX) strategies. The goal is to ensure that users have a smooth and enjoyable interaction with a product, service, or system. The term "seamless user experience" suggests that the transitions and interactions are fluid and free of disruptions, contributing to overall user satisfaction.

User Experience strategies

Incorporating contemporary UX principles to optimize user input processes

The primary objective is to enhance and streamline the way users provide input or interact with the interface. By following modern UX guidelines, the aim is to create a more efficient, user-friendly, and intuitive experience for individuals engaging with the system.

Design Process

Improving user satisfaction, usability, and effectiveness in engaging with systems or content

The user-centered and intuitive design reduced errors, positively impacting the overall user experience and facilitating smoother completion of desired actions.

User Interface design (UI)

TATA AIG aimed for a straightforward and user-friendly approach, emphasizing a mix of contemporary design and intuitive navigation

Create flexible, customizable product roadmaps tailored to your team's unique prioritization framework, facilitating the seamless implementation of future products.

Pixel Craftsmanship

Developing TATA AIG's design system with an emphasis on maintaining consistency, fostering innovation, and achieving digital excellence with a user-centric approach

The use of clean lines, bold colors, and simple shapes, creates a modern and uncluttered appearance. The combination of these elements aims to enhance user comprehension and contribute to a visually appealing and streamlined design.

Rough to be redefined

Implementing responsive design principles to ensure a cohesive user experience across various devices and screen sizes

Before moving on to more complex stages, initial UI sketches are used to quickly explore and iterate concepts, allowing a clearer visualization of the UI structure.These function as visual aids, delineating the structure, components, and user interface interactions of the digital interface.


Implementing transparent navigation cues to enhance the user journey for a smoother and more intuitive experience

In adapting our UI/UX design for mobile, we transitioned from a traditional stepper approach to a more user-friendly dropdown method. This transformation was driven by the need to optimize screen real estate and enhance the overall user experience. In the mobile environment, our primary focus was on ensuring a defined tappable area for users, while introducing a seamless dropdown action that not only streamlined the process but also allowed users to navigate back to previous steps with ease. This strategic shift successfully improved accessibility and navigation on smaller screens, providing a more intuitive and efficient user journey.

hassle-free user journey

Ensuring user-friendly, fluid coverage by designing the UI to simplify insurance service identification

With the toggle of the button, we can now view the different offerings based on the specific category from the landing banner hence optimizing the journey and we showcase upfront all the services TATA provides.

Challenges encountered

Establishing a platform that is versatile and adaptable

Usability testing is crucial, offering invaluable feedback. This project underscored the significance of efficiency in logistics, emphasizing the need for streamlined interactions and features to enhance factory processes.

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