Helping Neeman's find their sole connection with sneakerheads

Their passion for reducing the carbon footprint led them to craft footwear and apparel that makes one feel good, look good, and do good for the planet.


Neeman's is a sustainable footwear brand that has now extended to clothing.

They have a simple notion of creating products that perfectly fuse design and comfort.

Objective & Goal

Stepping in to redefine the sneaker fandom

Disrupt the already saturated sneaker market and create a new niche.


The evolution of the sneaker culture in India

Indians purchase an astounding 88.4 million pairs of sneakers annually, making the market fiercely competitive with a large number of brand loyalists.

wear it, know it

Shoe-casing the feeling over footwear

We based the campaign around the special connection individuals share with their shoes, captured through a quirky ad film that uses a witty proposition: #PehnogeTohSamjhoge.

right in the feels

Shoe-casing the feeling over footwear

Portraying Neeman’s isn’t just a shoe, it’s a feeling that you have to experience. It spoke to all the sneakerheads, appealing to their passionate love for footwear.

Results & Impact

A footwear phenomenon sweeping everyone off their feet

The ad skillfully reflected the brand’s understanding of the current generation while positioning itself as a functional and stylish fit for every shoe lover. Neeman’s became the talk of the town, with the film receiving an incredible response within just 24 hours and generating substantial buzz and media coverage.

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