Sharing smiles and creating magic for Amazon

Celebrating the heart and soul of festive cheer with 'Magic Hai, Amazon Hai'.


Amazon, an online retail giant with endless product choices for seamless shopping

Where innovation meets convenience, and every click opens the door to a world of possibilities.

Objective & Goal

Show gratitude to Amazon's partners, employees, and associates for the magic they provide to the festive season

We created and amplified the “Magic hai, Amazon hai” original music and a hookstep on Instagram
Invited viewers to partake in the magical dance challenge.

people behind the magic

Tireless work goes behind initiating any particular partnership, a delivery or an association

To highlight this, we came up with an exciting festive idea that appreciates and glorifies the work that goes in behind the scenes.

strategy for amazon

Set goals, curate ideas, plan content, leverage influencers and amplify

Elevating amazon’s online presence, during it’s festive season sale.

magic hai, amazon hai

Crafting Original Beats for Amazon's Dance Delight

Shaping an original soundtrack that resonates with the joyous spirit of the festive season was no small feat. The challenge was immense, but so was the thrill of curating a soundtrack that not only complemented the dance challenge but also became the heartbeat of the entire celebration. It was like embarking on a musical odyssey.

with sound

moment of magic

Onboarding a famous choreographer to develop a popular hookstep for everyone to shake a leg

Influencers across several categories picked up and started grooving on our dance challenge attracting even more people to jam on our viral trend. Furthermore, we also got microinfluencers to reach smaller group of audiences and give the entire endeavour a greater impact.

Rhythms of Success

Turning our vision into reality, shared moments of dance and delight made this campaign a smash hit

Reach and




Increase in


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