Redefining Oona's digital presence in Southeast Asia

Aimed to convey Oona’s core values, leadership ethos, and business mission through a new global website. With a focus on consumer-centric services and a burgeoning buy-and-build strategy.


Oona Insurance, a forward-thinking insurance company based in Singapore, sought to establish its digital presence in Southeast Asia

Objective & Goal

Unified brand identity across multiple entities

  • A total website makeover with multilingual capabilities.
  • A modern, customer-focused approach to enhance product discovery.
  • Enhancing the user experience with seamless development.

Discovering ground realities

Understanding Oona's vision and its target markets, we embarked on a creative journey to redefine their brand image

We merged acquired company websites in the Philippines and Indonesia into Oona's global site, creating a unified digital space for expanded offerings. With modern design elements and an intuitive user interface.

Forging Effective Strategies

Seamless discovery of their products through a unified design, connecting users worldwide and simplifying exploration across multiple websites

Our commitment to accessibility, personalisation, and data security is evident in our design choices, fostering a positive and engaging user experience.

Information architecture

Organising digital realms by creating intuitive IA for seamless web navigation

Information architecture shapes how information is organised, labelled, and presented, ensuring enhancing user experience within a system. Thus, structuring a content inventory by redesigning the IA for all three websites for easy discovery of their offerings.

User Interface design (UI) Design

Strategic UI design, by fusing modern aesthetics and usability for web excellence

Neomorphism, a blend of skeuomorphism and minimalism, employs soft shadows and high contrast to create tactile, futuristic web interfaces. It offers intuitive, accessible, and adaptable designs, that align with modern trends.

artistry in pixels

Strategically benchmarking and elevating Oona's website, while crafting a distinctive UI moodboard for unparalleled design excellence

UI benchmarking for the Oona website entails comparing its UI design against industry standards and competitors. This comprehensive analysis includes visual aesthetics, usability, functionality, and the overall user experience. Creating a unified brand moodboard with bright, contrasting colours infuses vitality, paired with clean sans-serif typography for professional clarity. Happy visuals of people add a human touch, while a minimal design style ensures a streamlined and engaging user experience.

Rough to be redefined

Crafting seamless UI from raw conceptual wireframes

Initial UI drawings, before moving on to more complex stages, make use of these initial UI sketches to quickly explore and iterate concepts, allowing a clearer visualisation of the UI structure. These function as visual aids, delineating the structure, components, and user interface interactions of the digital interface.


Building Oona's design system for consistency, innovation, and user-centric digital excellence

A design system is Oona's design DNA, ensuring visual harmony across all their websites. It sets the standard, streamlining workflows and propelling Oona's website to new heights of excellence.

hassle-free user journey

Ensuring intuitive, seamless coverage by designing the UI to simplify insurance service identification

With the toggle of the button we can now view the different offerings based on the specific category from the landing banner hence optimising the journey and we showcase upfront all the services Oona provide.

Highlighting featured products

Showcasing Oona's featured insurance products through a visually captivating and informative card design

With our commitment to accessibility, personalisation, and data visualisation we used iconography to showcase the variety of insurance offered by Oona. So it is evident in its design choices, fostering a positive and engaging user experience.

Development & Implementation

Unifying frontend and backend expertise for Oona's advanced design system excellence

After translating the designs to the latest version of the WordPress CMS, the newly updated design not only better showcased the brand and products, but it also made it... easier for the Oona team to quickly and easily make updates to the site without the need for a development resource. The data continues to show improvements in user engagement across desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms.


Creating a strong content brand strategy and optimising for SEO with contemporary website development

To give it a stylish and distinctive appearance, we also added some SVG animations. To create an engaging and visually striking website, we utilised several JavaScript tools and features.

Results & Impact

Oona's website redesign achieved success, seamlessly blending UX and interactive UI design

Users experienced heightened engagement, smooth navigation, and intuitive interactions, solidifying Oona’s commitment to delivering a cutting-edge and user-centric digital experience.

Challenges while Developing

Unveiling triumphs amidst challenges and innovation

During the creation of the personalised map section, challenges arose, such as accurately retrieving location data on click and varying descriptions for each location. Opting for a custom solution without relying on libraries or plugins demanded our dedicated attention, resulting in a successful resolution.


Oona's UI overhaul seamlessly combines user-centric design with visually appealing product displays

By prioritising user feedback, addressing concerns, and refining both aesthetics and functionality, the outcomes reveal an enhanced user experience and a positive influence, underscoring the importance of a user-centric approach in shaping the global future of digital insurance.

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