Designing a user-centric website for intuitive remote patient monitoring system

Dozee is the pioneer in contactless remote patient monitoring and early warning system powered by cutting-edge AI and trusted by over 300 hospitals.


Dozee is India’s 1st AI-based contactless Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) & Early Warning System (EWS)

Their mission is to provide a continuum of care, early warning systems, and responses to save lives.

Objective & Goal

Building the brand’s credibility by educating users about the product and services

The problem statement was to redesign Dozee’s corporate website to educate buyers, investors, and job seekers about the impact its products and services had on saving lives.

Exploring User Perspectives

Enhancing patient care through real-time data access and streamlined communication

Our research revealed that the potential users of the Contactless Remote Patient Monitoring website are multi-faceted. Primarily, healthcare providers, including doctors, nurses, and medical staff, are crucial users who leverage the platform to access real-time patient data, streamline communication, and enhance overall patient care.

visual identity

From AI to aesthetics: Building a visual identity for futuristic healthcare

We developed a design system around their existing logo to visually capture the amalgamation of science and technology. The individual shapes come together to construct a Ballistocardiography wave. This implementation ensures we keep science at the core of our pattern design. The pattern is created in shades of blue and green. It’s implemented in such a way that it visually exudes a clean, futuristic-tech vibe.

brand recognition

Building a design style system

Forging a versatile design system that resonates consistently across all touchpoints, we've fortified brand recognition to leave a lasting impression. allowing us to integrate new features effortlessly, elevating innovation, and ensuring an unmatched user experience.

smooth pitch

Making a brilliant first impression

The project required fast, impactful, and crisp communication for product education in order to save time during the sales pitch and to build brand credibility.

healthcare experience enhanced

A clean design with an emphasis on the information

Dozee revolutionises healthcare by providing real-time data access and streamlined communication for medical professionals. This translates to quicker, more informed decisions, fostering a patient-centred care approach that significantly elevates the overall healthcare experience.


Interactive charts to help users understand product

Dozee’s interactive charts provide product insights. helps visualise data effortlessly, gain a deeper understanding, and make informed decisions. Empowering the user journey with user-friendly charts that transform complexity into clarity.


Live updates supported by an interactive map with regional stats

Dozee provides real-time insights at your fingertips, allowing you to access live statistics for every state instantly. Stay informed with dynamic data, enabling you to make timely decisions and gain a comprehensive understanding of regional trends.


Adding more value to
content by displaying various different trustmarkers

Elevate confidence in your choices with Dozee! The Dozee website is adorned with trust markers—be they compelling statistics or glowing testimonials—creating a secure atmosphere. Immerse yourself in impactful content, ensuring a trustworthy and informed user experience.


Using engaging and intuitive interactions to enhance the experience

Throughout the website, simple yet intuitive interactive elements have been added wherever necessary to make the users engage with the content displayed on the screens and make it more memorable.

Development & Implementation

Collaterals & stationary that is in line with the design language

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, Dozee's collaterals and stationary echo the harmonious design language that defines the brand. Each piece, from business cards to letterheads, serves as an extension of Dozee's commitment to consistency and excellence. The seamless integration of Dozee's versatile design system into these materials not only enhances brand recognition but also ensures a unified and impactful representation across every communication channel.

clean and minimal user interface

Focused on conveying clarity and sophistication, Dozee showcases a clean design that prioritises information

In our pursuit of a clean design ethos, we prioritise simplicity and clarity, ensuring that every element serves the purpose of seamlessly conveying information. Our design approach transcends visual appeal, creating an immersive experience that resonates with sophistication and ease of understanding.

Challenges while Developing

Navigating the dynamic landscape

One notable challenge surfaced during the implementation of home banner auto-animation. The delicate balance between seamless transitions and optimal performance presented hurdles that demanded innovative solutions. not just overcoming challenges but enhancing our expertise in crafting a dynamic and visually engaging user experience.


The Dozee project concludes as a beacon of innovation in health tech

Dozee has transformed into a reliable health monitoring solution, providing real-time insights for proactive well-being. This project not only showcases technical prowess but stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing healthcare technology and improving lives.

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