Building brand intrigue by innovating hairstyle and haircare

An at-home haircare brand having expertise in natural colours and flawless styles. It has a range of products for everyone.


Schwarzkopf is a global brand with 120+ years of hair expertise and innovation

Combining quality ingredients, latest haircare technology, reliability, expertise and craftsmanship.

Objective & Goal

Captivating style-conscious Indian millennials with our brand narrative

  • Elevating the brand as a modern, upscale millennial brand and effortlessly applicable at home.
  • Showcasing it’s unique strengths and distinctive edge, accentuating its exceptional qualities.

research and analysis

Millennials and Gen Z will be able and willing to spend more but will also be more discerning about what they consider “best in class”

Based on an article by World Economic Forum which said that businesses will have richer, more willing buyers, but these buyers will be highly informed and make very specific choices for themselves.

Taft by Schwarzkopf

Remarkable volume, captivating shine, flawless hold and meticulous design

A launch of premium range of hair gels, mousses, sprays, and waxes. In the Indian market amidst a sea of competitors, our content started drawing newer audience on Schwarzkopf’s Instagram.

A launch styled to perfection

Revolutionizing the world of hair styling with the new range of Taft products

Taft’s premium hairstyling range, where each product is meticulously designed to cater to individual needs, encourages customers to select the perfect fit for their specific requirements. Aesthetic models and intriguing posts coupled with bold typography, caught everyone’s attention on the internet.

quirky influencer-led campaign

A fan war between the biggest influencers to spark conversations about the brand’s product launch? Yes, please!

We delivered a couple of cryptic teasers sparking intrigue and speculation across Instagram. Karan Tacker and Diksha Rawat joined the playful banter amidst a strategic influencer-led GRWM campaign, hinting that the teasers were about them. They were actually about the newly launched Taft premium hairstyling range. The campaign had more than 5.5 lakh overall reach and views. So cool right?

Simply Color by Schwarzkopf

The clean-beauty era campaign, a shift towards transparent, sustainable, and natural beauty

For this new campaign which showcases the new sustainable haircolor, we chose a design language that looks simple, rich, elegant yet appealing.

Colour Specialist by Schwarzkopf

Where Every Strand Tells a Colorful Story

A hair colour that changes the game.  A hair colour that breaks the rules.  A hair colour that everyone will absolutely love!

Lights, Colours, Action

Colour meets confidence with Schwarzkopf’s Colour Specialist haircolour campaign

Highlight of the campaign was the “Omegaplex anti-breakage technology and Hyaluronic Acid which offers visibly shinier hair and reduces breakage up to 90%”. We created a series of social media posts, outdoor banners and collaborative reels with top influencers which helped scale up the campaign and ensured we reach the right audience through word on web.

influencer magic

Collaborating with top-notch influencers to kickstart discussions on how to break rules and not one’s hair!

Onboarding influencers like Aditi Bhatia and Sharanya Iyer, who showed off their shiny and gorgeous coloured hair promoting the magic of the new colour specialist. We also created a fun conversation where people had to change their DPs and show off their tresses.

Amplifying Impact through Scaling Numbers

Our design aesthetics created a powerful ripple effect

Our reels started getting more attention, reaching upto 6.5 Million in views, with a 2x reach to newer audience.

Results & Impact

The brand's digital image underwent a comprehensive evolution, solidifying its reputation as a premium haircare expert

By strategically employing influencers, we skillfully spotlighted the standout features of the range of products, crafting a buzz that resonated with the audience’s aspirations. This orchestrated synergy ignited a couple of powerful campaigns, propelling the brand towards a triumph.

Amplifying Impact through Scaling Numbers

Our design aesthetics created a powerful ripple effect

Our reels started getting more attention, reaching upto 6.5 Million in views, with a 2x reach to newer audience.

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